Paragon Design Group prides itself on intently listening to their clients needs, wants, goals and budget for their project. Programming creates the framework that outlines the expectations for the project. Visiting the site is paramount to understand the strengths and weakness that the site’s existing conditions possess. Paragon believes that it requires a strong understanding of the client and the project site to develop a design that is reflective of the client’s wishes and respects the environment in which it is placed.

During Design Development, Paragon takes the clients program and transforms it into a physical design that is professionally sound, environmentally sensitive and socially acceptable. The program is delicately balanced with the client’s budget and the regulations that govern the project from landscape ordinances, storm water ordinances, zoning codes, building codes, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), etc. During Design Development, Paragon works closely with other disciplines to ensure that project details are coordinated to produce the highest quality product for the client.
The built work is the zenith of Paragon’s design expertise and attention to details. Well thought out designs result in outdoor spaces that reflects the image and values of the client while remaining functional and practical. Every client and site is unique and therefore Paragon believes that every design and built project should have its own sense of identity and style. Paragon Design Group would be honored to share our landscape architecture expertise on your next project.
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